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      Shanghai Pudong Management-Consulting Industry Association was founded in August of 2002, it is the first regional professional association in China that is targeted at management consulting. ICMCI has sent specially a congratulatory telegram for the founding of the association and also relevant information were published on the web page of “Shanghai News” of www.shanghai.gov.cn.


By implementing the service tenet of “serving the whole country and facing the world by basing itself in Shanghai, offering advice and suggestions to the government, serving as a bridge for the members and creating value for the customers”, the Association has achieved excellent performance. In terms of decision-making consulting, it has compiled research reports titled “Study on the Development Strategy of Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone”, “Report on the Development of Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone”, “Development Strategy Innovation of Shenjiang Group”, “Model Innovation of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Industrial Zone”, “Development of High-tech Industry in Pudong New Area”, “Function Expansion of Comprehensive Test Zone for Development of International Shipping in Shanghai”, “Lujiangzui Culture Creative Industry (CCI)  Development Report” and “Research Report on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Index In Pudong New Area”, some of them are approved and implemented by both municipal and district-level governments.


The Association takes the initiative to carry out exploration and exchange on management practice innovation in an effort to enhance nationwide influence and international competitiveness of the management consulting industry in Pudong New Area. For example, it has held “Annual Meeting for Global Management Consulting-Asian Pacific Region”, “Shanghai Management Consulting Innovative Development Forum in China”, “Annual Meeting for Pudong New Area Management Consulting Forum”, “Social Organizations’ Capacity Building and Innovation Forum” and “CCI (Culture Creative Industry) Popular Science Exhibition in Shanghai Pudong New Area”, also the representatives of the Association have been invited to deliver a speech at the 6th World Ocean Forum (Busan) and chair Asian Sub-forum.


The Association is audacious to develop new ways to combine management innovation with technology innovation, thus making contribution to promoting economic and social development. For example, it has held the first “Shanghai E-CBD Forum in China” and “Academician Forum in The Financial Center of Lujiazui”, put forward “The Standard for Low-carbon High-tech Industrial Park”, researched and compiled the first China E-CBD Index, Global Financial & Shipping Double-Center Index (GDCI), Global International Shipping-Center Index (GSCI) and Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI). The “Pudong Index” has aroused the attention and care from relevant parties at home and abroad, caused a heat discussion among NPC delegates and has been reported worldwide by CCTV International Channel 4.


Under the authorization of Shanghai Service Center for Human Resource Development, the Association has organized CCMC qualification training in an effort to train international senior talents for the great stride made by management consulting in China towards the world. In 2012, it was funded by EU to held an eight-week continuing education on Shanghai management consulting in China by collaborating with the United Nations Training Center and Sweden Consulting Group and would continue acting as the instructor of Global Shipping & Financial Consultant Training” organized by UNESCO afterwards.


In the face of new opportunities for strategic development, the Association will make greater efforts to improve its own internationalization level and market operation capacity, give full play to its advantages in profession, talents and resources and do something in terms of value discovery and incubation training of venture business, cross-border, fusion and interactive development of industry and professional service of multi-level capital market under the great assistance of each member unit, thus making great contributions to the great stride made by local transnational consulting group towards the world.


Organizational structure of the Association:

President: Zhang Hao

Honorary president: Zhuang Ling

Vice-president: Zheng Zhengrong, Zhang Shilin, Chen Aiguo, Xie Qiang, Xu Fan

Chief supervisor: Sun Yeli

Secretary-general: Zhang Yifei

Full-time deputy secretary-general: Huang Chenhai

Deputy secretary-general:  Zhang Yuchen, Shi Yuanyuan


Secretariat of the Association:

Membership department: Director: Huang Chenhai

Liaison department: Director: Liu Kaiwen

Legal affair department: Director: Yang Zhouhua

Research center: Director: Ling Shubao

Training center: Director: Shi Yuanyuan

Special Committee for Finance & Technology: Director: Chen Aiguo

Special Committee for “The Belt and Road” Investment Cooperation: Director: Yang Long



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